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The Ray of Hope Campaign is directly targeting children in the local villages who have no resources whatsoever.

Children without education are denied the opportunity to realise their dreams and break free from the chains of poverty.  Relentless grinding poverty, underage parenthood, disease and poor living conditions shorten lives and continue the cycle of suffering.

Will you join us in giving a chance for prosperity, where no such chance exists?

Stephen & Hellen Okiror the school’s directors were born in an area of intense rural poverty.  Their parents gave all they had to offer them the gift of education.  Making huge personal sacrifices Stephen & Hellen returned home to dedicate their lives to lifting children out of poverty by establishing an award winning school.

Let your small change add up to big change for children looking to find a way out of poverty.

You can help children in need by clicking on the PayPal button below

All donations received with thanks and gratitude.



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