Our Projects

All donations to Friends of Hilary Storm School Uganda go directly to Hilary Storm School Uganda.  FOHSSU is run entirely by voluntary effort.

The school’s vision is to reduce the effects of desperate poverty in rural east Uganda through the provision of top quality education that equips children to support themselves and their families. Also to run income generating projects that support the school activities.


 2017 – 2020

Ray of Hope campaign – Education Bursary Fund

Directly targeting children in the local villages who have no resources whatsoever.

Pilot produce buying project

Famine threatens and rising food prices resulted in the need for this project. Food is being purchased at harvest time when prices are low for use throughout the school year. A planned surplus will be sold at a profit for the purpose of buying food for the following year.


Outdoor play equipment

Supporting children in the development of co-ordination and gross motor skills.

Perimeter wall construction for security

To protect the children, school compound (7 acres) and school facilities.

External plastering of classrooms

Completed the external finishing of the school classrooms to stop their deterioration.

Housing for teachers

Provided decent accommodation for staff, formerly living in unsatisfactory rental rooms paid for by the school.


School truck

Purchased a sturdy 4.5 ton truck to support the running of the school and its developments with potential to generate income.

2013 – 2014

Water project

Water bore hole, rainwater harvesting, underground reservoir and distribution system, Water tank stand and tank. Met the most basic need of the school for a water supply. Previously children and staff had to travel a distance to a village spring as there was no water supply to the school.

2013 to 2017

Sponsorship of children

Eight of the most needy orphans are entirely supported in their education, including educational materials, food and accommodation.  Welcome to our latest project,  the Ray of Hope – Education Bursary Fund.

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